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Springfield was, and still is, the Champion City.

In 1856, farmers had been toiling in the fields around Springfield for decades. Whether they knew it or not, people were yearning for a better way. When Springfield native William Whitely invented the self-raking reaper, this innovative machine allowed people to work less intensively but yield a greater harvest.

They called his invention the Champion Reaper.

Agriculture, then industry, flourished in the city. By the time of the Civil War, Springfield was the world's leading producer of agricultural machinery. The city was profitable. The city was prosperous. A spirit of victory was in the air.

They called their city the Champion City.

The railroad brought additional profit to the area, and no traveler could take the National Road without arriving in Springfield. At that time, all roads led to the Champion City. In fact, Springfield was known as the "town at the end of the pike."

We believe that Springfield is not just a stop on the road. We are committed to seeking the welfare of this city, our home.    

We call ourselves the Champion City Vineyard to honor the victories of the past.

We call ourselves the Champion City Vineyard to speak victory over the future of our city.

We call ourselves the Champion City Vineyard to claim our identity as local members of the global body of international harvesters.