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Yea we’re a bit different than your normal church, but we enjoy being different!

First, we start with some time to hang out, eat some good food, drink some gourmet coffee, and hang out with friends (both new and old).  We believe in community here at the Vineyard.  To us that means not only saying we value community, but actually living it out together.  Having a chance to talk together and fellowship is integral to who we are as  a church.

Next is worship.  This is a time to fellowship with and honor our Lord.  You can do this pretty much any way you like (within reason of course!).  You’ll see people raising their hands, clapping their hands, or even sitting on their hands!  All are acceptable ways to worship God.  We value our Youth so we want them to stay and worship with us.  So they can worship individually, but also so you can worship as a family.

Up next?  Encouraging words.  We leave space (and time!) for encouraging words.  This is intentional time for us to Hear God's Voice and allow room for the Holy Spirit to speak over us.  But, don't fret, it usually doesn't get too weird.

And last, but not least!  Bruce (or another great speaker!) will hook us up with a relevant, insightful, humorous, and downright good message.  No “fire and brimstone” accusations from the pulpit here, just good speaking, and maybe a tear or two.

Thats it!  Not so hard right?  We hope you have a meaningful experience with God, and that you come back to see us again!

Other key items:

We don't have an offering plate. We use the container at the left side of the stage. There's also one in the back of the room near the soundboard.

If you'd like prayer, we give it away!  There are trained people waiting to pray with you after the service at the front of the stage.

We offer open communion at the Vineyard.  You don't have to be a member, you "simply" have to search and examine your heart.  we use a common cup, but dip the bread in the cup.